Sky Haynie


Emergency and Fire Management Services 1 (LTC)
Grades 11, 10 (2 Units)

This course provides the basic skills necessary to get personnel operational and performing on the fire ground. Topics include the following: orientation to the fire service; safety; fire department communications; fire behavior; fire prevention and public fire education; protective clothing; building search and victim removal; ropes and knots; building construction; forcible entry and forcible entry construction techniques; ground ladders; ventilation; hose practices, water supply, and fire streams; Classes A, B, C, and D fire identification and classification; vehicle and wild land fire control; portable extinguishers and sprinkler system fundamentals; and salvage, overhaul and protecting evidence of fire cause. Successful completion of written and performance testing is required.

Emergency and Fire Management Services 2 (LTC)
Grades 12, 11 (2 Units)

Prerequisite: Emergency and Fire Management Services 1

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to meet the National Firefighter Standards. Topics include the following: radio communications and incident reports, pre-incident surveys, rescues and extrication tools, vehicle extrication and special rescues, hydrant flow and operability, hose tools and appliances, foam fire streams, fire detection, alarm and suppression systems, construction materials and building collapse, and fire cause and origin. The course introduces the Emergency Medical Services System and implementation of proper safety and infection control measures. Successful completion of written and performance testing is required to meet national firefighting certification.