Randy Scott


  • Master’s Degree in Education, Secondary Administration, University of South Carolina
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Union University

Career Background

  • Regions Bank Branch Manager Lexington, SC/Little Rock, AR
  • Nashville Bank of Commerce Assistant Branch Manager Nashville, TN
  • Compass Bank Personal Banker Huntsville, AL
  • High Country Automotive Finance Manager Huntsville, AL
  • Lowes Home Improvement Department Manager Lafayette, LA
  • Michael’s Arts and Crafts Operations Manager Jackson, TN

Educational Experience

  • Lexington Technology Center Business Instructor (2008-Current)
  • Pelion High School Business Instructor (2005-2007)

Amy Kuntz


  • Master of Arts in Teaching, Business Education, University of South Carolina

Teaching Experience

  • 23 years of experience


Accounting 1
Grades 10, 11, 12   1 unit
This course helps students develop the skills necessary for the highly technical interaction between accounting and business. Students focus on accounting concepts, principles and practices. They also study procedures used in an accounting cycle as applied to several different kinds of business operations. Use of the computer in simulated activities gives students an opportunity to see the advantages of technology in accounting procedures.

Accounting 2 (LTC, WKHS)
Grades 12, 11   1 unit
Prerequisite: Accounting 1
This course expands the student’s understanding of accounting subsystems and develops an understanding of various methods of internal control procedures. Students develop competence in using subsidiary ledgers, preparing financial statements and performing end-of-period procedures. Students demonstrate the use of accounting principles through the use of computer software and simulated activities. After completing this course, students may be eligible to exempt Accounting 101 at Midlands Technical College.

Business Finance (LTC)
Grades 12, 11   1 unit
Prerequisite: Accounting I
Students in this course receive instruction in the foundations of corporate business finance concepts and applications. Topics include financial fundamentals, the financial environment, management planning, maintenance and analysis of financial records, long and short term financial activities, financial business activities, financial institutions and banking services, consumer credit, business insurance, technology and financial management, and international finance.

Personal Finance
Grades 12, 11, 10   1 unit
Industry Credential Alignment: W!SE Financial Literacy Certification
This course introduces students to financial literacy by solving real-life problems as related to financial matters. Topics include completion of W-4 and tax forms, reconciling bank accounts, budgeting, buying insurance, using credit, and investing in stocks and real estate. The course focuses on setting up accounts, adding transactions to the register, using transaction categories, balancing the checkbook and writing checks.
Speakers and current videos are a vital part of the course.