Business & Management


Debbi Cronin

National Board Certification, Career & Technology Education, 2014
University of South Carolina, Interdisciplinary Master of Arts in Business Education, 2001
Indiana State University, Bachelor of Science in Business Education, 1994
Lexington Technology Center, Lexington, SC (2014-Present)
Gilbert High School, Gilbert, SC (2011-2014)
Gilbert Middle School, Gilbert, SC (1999-2003)
CA Johnson High School, Columbia, SC (1996-1999)
Assistant Cross Country/Track Coach, Univ. of South CarolinaColumbia, SC (1995-1996)
Adams Central Community Schools, Monroe, IN (1994-1995)

Brink Hinson


Accounting 1
Grades 10, 11, 12   1 unit
This course helps students develop the skills necessary for the highly technical interaction between accounting and business. Students focus on accounting concepts, principles and practices. They also study procedures used in an accounting cycle as applied to several different kinds of business operations. Use of the computer in simulated activities gives students an opportunity to see the advantages of technology in accounting procedures.

Integrated Business Applications 1
Grades 9, 10, 11, 12   1 unit
Industry Certification Alignment: Microsoft Office Specialist – Word, Excel, PowerPoint
This course provides in-depth instruction in Microsoft Office applications, the industry preferred software, and leads to national certifications.   Students in a variety of career paths will benefit from understanding and using word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software. Students will have the opportunity to finish the course with three Microsoft Office Specialist certifications that will enhance their college applications and resumes.  In Word, students will learn how to create and format documents, including flyers, letters, resumes, proposals, tables, and reports. In Excel, students will learn how to write simple and logical formulas, analyze spreadsheet data, and turn data into easy to read charts. In PowerPoint, students will use advanced features to enhance presentations, such as adding media.

Business Law (LTC, WKHS)
Grades 12, 11, 10   1 unit
This course provides students with knowledge of the legal environment in which adults live and work, including such areas as contracts, estates, marriage, divorce and consumer protection. Students study true situations that demonstrate  how business and personal law impact on the lives of young people and adults. Students focus on the legal principles related to constitutional, criminal, civil and administrative laws, as well as the court system.

Grades 12, 11, 10   1 unit
This course is suggested for students who are considering opening their own business or having a career in business or marketing. They learn how to setup and operate a profitable business, starting with a business plan. This course helps them understand business operations, and provides them with the techniques, skills, sources of data and detailed information needed to operate a profitable business.

Image Editing 1
Grades 9, 10, 11, 12   1 unit
Industry Certification Alignment: Adobe Certified Associate – Photoshop (RBHS, WKHS)
This course is designed for the student interested in continuing their education in the Interactive Media segment of the Information Technology Cluster. Students are instructed in the fundamental features of using digital imaging software in editing and designing both photos and graphics. Students also learn the use of technologies related to digital imaging such as: basic computer operations; file sharing across networks; digital scanning; digital photography; preparing documents for output to various types of high resolution printers, and color calibration. Successful completion of Image Editing helps provide a foundation for continued training as well as complementary training for related coursework.