Building Construction

Brad Keisler

Mr. Keisler's credentials include:
10 years of experience in the Building Construction industry
6 years of teaching Building Construction
Associates Degree in Building Construction Technology
3 time Skills USA State champion

Robbie Sharpe

Mr. Sharpe's credentials include:
19 years Experience in the construction industry
Unlimited General Contractors license
Associate's Degree in Business Management
Associate's Degree in Building Construction Technology
12 years teaching experience

Mr. Sharpe is NCCER certified to teach:
Residential Carpentry
Construction Technology
Green Building


Introduction to Construction (LTC)
Grades 9, 10, 11    1 unit
This course begins the study of such topics as hand tools, power tools, safety in the workplace and blueprint reading. Students complete hands-on tasks as they work with hand tools and construct a working electrical board. Students with an interest in this class might pursue such jobs as a tradesman, journeyman, construction worker, foreman or general foreman, job superintendent, buyer, manager, contractor, to name just a few. The course also lays a good foundation for the engineering groups.

Building Construction 1 (GHS, LTC, PHS)
Grades 11, 10, 12    2 units
This course is part of the instructional program that prepares students to perform entry-level building construction tasks under the direction of a supervisor or an experienced craftsman. Primary instruction is given in basic carpentry, masonry, residential electricity and plumbing and safety practices.

Building Construction 2 (GHS, LTC, PHS)
Grades 12, 11 2 units
Prerequisite: Building Construction 1
This course provides in-depth instruction on floor systems, wall framing, roofing and brick masonry. Students learn to read and interpret blueprints, sketches and building plans. Students may be eligible to participate in cooperative work experiences or apprenticeships, which combine career and technology training with supervised work experience in business and industry.

Cabinet Making (LTC)
Grade 12, 11    2 units
Prerequisite: Building Construction 2
This course introduces students to the fundamentals of cabinetmaking. Students learn how to apply veneers and plastic laminate on countertops and tabletops. Students use detailed shop plans to complete a layout and design of cabinets, cut and shape components, and assemble components to industry standards. Students apply various finishes to surfaces including lacquers, stains, polyurethane and other finishes. A practical application of this class is the installation of finished cabinets in the student house project completed by the Building Construction program.

Construction Project Management  (LTC)
Grade 12, 11    2 units
Prerequisite: Level 2 of a construction major completed or concurrent and application
The curriculum of this course is designed to introduce students to the process of initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and closing construction-related projects. Assignments align with the standards of the prerequisite Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses that build up to this capstone course. Students become familiar with the nine essential areas of Project Management through hands-on, accountable, project-based learning.

Construction Project Management students are responsible for managing the construction of the LTC student house under the supervision of their Building Construction instructor.