National Technical Honor Society

The National Technical Honor Society is a non-profit, honor organization for students enrolled in technology center programs. The purpose of NTHS is to promote service, leadership, honesty, career development, and skilled workmanship; to reward student achievement; to encourage and assist student educational and career goal setting; to promote a stronger linkage between local technical institutions and business and industry; and to promote the image of technical education in America.


LTC inducted 60 new members into the National Technical Honor Society for 2016-2017.  The ceremony took place on November 11, 2016. We are very proud of these students for meeting the criteria to join our LTC chapter. Criteria includes: an overall minimum GPA of 3.5 and an A (90) average in all LTC courses.  We would like to congratulate our new members:

Kimberly Aguilar Garcia, Alexis Almeida, William Austin, Ashley Barnes, Megan Batey, Skyler Brazil, Perry Bumgarner, Colby Cain, David Chauhan, Sarah Craven, Samantha Day, Janice Duggins, Angeles Eubanks, Carleigh Fulmer, Ellen Guerra, Holly Hartung, Ashlin Hinson, Hanna Hix, Zachary Hoyt, Cassidy Huggins, James Hunt, Emma Janus, Tiffanielise Jimenez, Keith Kahrmann, Lauren Kinard, Andrew Lyon, Kayley Manini, Kayla McClary, Megan McLaughlin, Iriana Molusky, Allison Mullen, Gage Murphy, Shannon Murray, Frederick Myers, Liam Myhill, Chase Neuberger, Madison O’Brien, Emilee Oswald, Cassidy Outlaw, Sydney Pack, James Phillips, Victoria Randolph, Elaine Rivers, Ansley Rogers, Reagan Ross, Sarah Sellers, Tiffany Settle, Harrison Stewart, Alixandria Stiles, Lake Summers, Alex Troyer, Thomas Walsh, William Walsh, Courtney Ward, Melina Willoughby, Abbagail Wood, Carleigh Zee and Jesse Zhao