National Technical Honor Society

The National Technical Honor Society is a non-profit, honor organization for students enrolled in technology center programs. The purpose of NTHS is to promote service, leadership, honesty, career development, and skilled workmanship; to reward student achievement; to encourage and assist student educational and career goal setting; to promote a stronger linkage between local technical institutions and business and industry; and to promote the image of technical education in America.

LTC inducted 77 new members into the National Technical Honor Society for 2017-2018.  The ceremony took place on November 10, 2017. We are very proud of these students for meeting the criteria to join our LTC chapter. Criteria includes: an overall minimum GPA of 3.5 and an A (90) average in all LTC courses.  We would like to congratulate our new members:

Rachel Abbott, Hayden Abrams, Chris Adams, Tayler Baker, Leah Balaska, Marley Bickley, Hope Blair, Olivia Boatwright, David Brophy, Rachel Carpenter, Johnathon Carter, Amber Cavender, Amber Clamp, Hannah Cleary, Chloe Corley, Micaeiah Daniels, Ryann Davenport, Jackson Doar, Tyler Dotman, Jacob Dunbar, Hannah Elia, Jessica Fedorka, Carmella Fenchel, John Floyd, Nicholas Funkhouser, Audrey Gasque, David Grayson, Jessica Grillo, Jerrica Hamilton, Olivia Harris, Audrey Hill, Shelby Humphries, Shleby Hunter, Kyungtae Hwang, Hayden Ifkovits, Alexis Kamenszky, John Kelliher, Claira Klaseus, Katie Koesters, Bryan Koon, Thomas (Chaz) Laird, TJ Langfitt, Audrey Leaphart, Callie Lewis, Breelyn Long, Lauren Lovett, Parker Lovett, Andrea Lyon, Jared Maddison, Brent (Mitchell) McGee, Caroline McGee, Eydie McKinley, Mary Janice Middleton, Nicholas Murphy, Richard Myers, McKenzie Myers, Kathryn Phillips, Kelly Rauch, Matthew Reynolds, Devan Sampman, Alyssa Sapp, Chandler Scruggs, Marissa Sligh, Michael (Blake) Spencer, Alexis Stone, Georgie Svrcek, Allison Travis, Anh Truong, Alec Vardas, Colton Weathersby, Nicholas Williams, Abigail Wills, Brandon Wingard, Bethany Wise