School Counseling and Advisement


Ami Overcash        Counselor                              803-821-3022
Michele Lucas        Career Specialist                  803-821-3062
Angela Bonicelli     Secretary                               803-821-3050

School Counseling Beliefs

All students have dignity and worth.
All students have the right to a safe and nurturing instructional environment
which supports and enhances academic achievement.
All students' ethnic, cultural, and racial differences and special needs are
considered in the planning and implementing of the school counseling program.
All students have the right to be served by a professional state certified
school counselor.

Contacting Your School Counselor

Why contact your student's counselor?

  • Concerns about student academic performance
  • Family changes
  • Personal/Social concerns
  • Crisis situations

How does a student see the counselor?

  • Self-referral
  • Parent referral
  • Teacher referral
  • Administrative referral

Parents/Guardians can see the school counselor...

  • By calling and making an appointment for a private conference
  • By visiting the School Counseling & Advisement Department in LTC 401