Center for Advanced STEM Studies

Basic Facts About the Center

  • Students explore the exciting and challenging worlds of engineering and scientific research under the unifying umbrella of STEM.
  • Students learn skills to become the next generation of problem solvers and innovators.
  • Students prepare for potential careers including bioengineering, chemical engineering, computer engineering, environmental engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering or mechanical engineering.
  • The center is open to students from across the district beginning in Grade 11.
  • The center offers a two-year, four-semester program.
  • Students attend classes at the center for half of a school day, then return to their home school for the remainder of the day.
  • Students prepare for post-secondary studies and careers related to engineering that require a two- or four-year degree.
  • Students can earn college credit through some center courses.
  • The center is located on the Lexington Technology Center campus.

Centers for Advanced Study

Lexington One has spent significant time researching and studying what our students need to be successful in the 21st century. Based on what we learned and what we continue to learn, the district established Schools of the Future – Now! This initiative prepares students to be a new generation of leaders and global citizens and consists of three components: LexLeads, LexLearns, and LexLives.

Our Centers for Advanced Study are part of the LexLearns component that guides our focus on 21st century learning. We want to empower our students to take charge of their own learning, think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, problem solve and collaborate.

Centers for Advanced Study offer our students an exceptional opportunity to develop academically while increasing their sophistication in learning and their competence in 21st century skills.

Designed to capture our students’ interests and creative energy, the centers offer exciting, relevant and rigorous learning opportunities, taking classroom experiences to the world beyond.

Students focus on preparation for post-secondary study and careers through specialized research projects, internships (semester-length) and externships (shorter in duration). These opportunities motivate students to become academically confident and competent.