About LTC

Lexington Technology Center serves students in specialized career development courses from Gilbert, Lexington, Pelion, River Bluff and White Knoll High Schools and supports curriculum coordination for career and technology courses at each high school.

LTC is designated as the school district’s Center for Advanced STEM Studies. LTC offers 21 areas of specialized training. Each area has its own advisory council which works with the center’s administrative advisory council. More than 150 community members serve on these councils.

Recognized locally, state-wide, and nationally as a school of excellence, LTC has received the Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School Award. Students from the center have held both state and national positions in various school organizations. LTC students consistently win district, state, and national recognition for their superior skills and knowledge.

Vision Statement

Lexington Technology Center will prepare students for their future career choices in an ever-changing competitive digital world.

Mission Statement

The mission of Lexington Technology Center is to provide all students exemplary preparation for post-secondary education and careers. Enabling students to become global citizens who are responsible, self-directed, lifelong learners is the hallmark of our mission.